epic glow
simulating glow painting

Epic Glow, a cutting edge artistic show time creating pictures using light with special
glow in the dark materials as the medium. This master piece is no exception.

This idea is a new and totally cool with to create with light using special glow in the dark material. Showcased in a pitch Dark atmosphere,

This magician will bring you into another dimension of aesthetic senses.

Epic Glow works only in the DARK, and the darker the venue, the brighter the artwork created on the drawing on set. When the light go out and he put his light into aesthetic senses.

Mystifying iMran will display this distinct routine thru out this show.  Never leave your sight on this show, He never separate his illusions on his sets He glow in here too.

A segment which will capture the audience full attention with

Mystifying Imran’s glowing presence on stage!

Present it to you Epic Glow...!

Stage Requirement:

99%< Darkness.

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