This performance is an adaptation and a fusion of various techniques of the years 70/80 and previous.


Imran in only a few minutes, on a large canvas, portrait of a celebrity. (Or other graphics)

The monochrome effect, the set of shadows, the Pop art style and the fact of painting with glue, allow to reveal nothing of the realized work.


It is only on final of this performance of Glitter Painting, within one second, that the painting is totally covered by glitter.

One moment later, only the stayed glitter fixed to the glue then reveals immediately the portrait or the finished graphics


Creation of portraits is by far the most impressive, but it is possible, with the process of Glitter Painting, to create every types of graphics.

“This artist is amazing. He showed his new art form for the first time. He dabbed here and there on a large piece of canvas with some liquid barely visible to the eyes for about 5 minutes. We guessed he was sketching a portrait of someone familiar. Then he took a canister and in one throw splashed its content on the canvas. Lo and behold, the glittering silver portrait of Lee Kuan Yew instantly appeared to loud gasps in the room. What talent!”

Mr Goh Chok Tong - Former Prime Minister of Singapore

“One of the most fabulaous art i’ve ever seen. Great job keep it up! Thank you so much”

Mr Zainal Sapari - Member of Parliment for Pasir Ris Punggol GRC

Duration :

7-10mins minutes per canvas


Sizes :

60 x 90 cms  110 x 175 cms

(Other sizes on demand) 


Canvas :

Black / White plain




Options :

- Personalized portrait according to photo

- Making Upside Down

- Other colors of canvas and glitter possible

-- Other graphics

- 2 portraits simultaneously 

(Logo, packaging, architectural element, draws an outline, diverse drawings)


The show of Glitter Painting is the ideal solution to surprise and arouse the admiration of your events.


Imran Mohamed Ishak.   All rights reserved MystifyingImran Entertainment Mystifying Productions 2015.